Judy Driscoll Ceramics
Artist Statement

In 1999 I enrolled in my first pottery class an the Sharon Arts Center in Sharon, NH. I was taught by two wonderful teachers and artists, Katharina Rooney and Janet Duchesneau. After 5 years of weekly classes, I began to explore on my own. Recently I completed the building of a salt-fire kiln.

I am a Registered Nurse by profession and currently am employed at Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough NH. I feel so fortunate to be a nurse and am grateful for the intimacy I share with my patients and their families. Working as a nurse I have come to appreciate the power of touch and its transformational ability.

In a similar sense I am drawn to the hands-on nature of working with clay and the intimacy between myself and the material. I enjoy the relationship that develops with a form as I work the clay through its various stages.

I am attracted to long, flowing lines and forms that are feminine in nature. I try to manifest these qualities in vessels, mainly bowls and vases. I also enjoy creating more sculptural forms such as candelabras and figures.

My work is both wheel thrown and hand built using high fire stoneware clay and (occasionally) porcelain.

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